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When I was in my late-20’s, as part of a physical required by my employer, I had a hearing test. Read more...

When I was in my late-20’s, as part of a physical required by my employer, I had a hearing test.  I was told I had the hearing of a 37-year-old.  Given the fact that I had chronic ear infections as a child, and that I had been to dozens of rock concerts that left my ears ringing for days after, this news wasn’t too surprising.  So what did I do about it?  Nothing.   Not a thing, other than laugh with my family and friends, and wonder what it even meant.  I didn’t know how most 37-year-olds hear, and I didn’t know how 20-somethings were supposed to hear.  I heard how I heard, right!?
That was 15 years ago.  What have I done since?  Just this:  I meditate every day.  Meditation is a recommended treatment for this incurable condition and it helps.  Until about a year ago I never considered going in for another hearing test or that I might be a good candidate for treatment.  Sure, it happens every day that I have to ask someone to repeat themselves, but isn’t that normal?  I struggle to hear music and movies at low volumes, but doesn’t everyone? 
I’ve asked myself on numerous occasions over the last year, “Am I in denial?”  Maybe.  If I am, why?  Perhaps I don’t want to admit there could be something wrong.  Maybe I hesitate because I think it’s a hassle to get tested.  Hearing aids definitely seem inconvenient.  I also know hearing aids are expensive, my insurance doesn’t pay for them, and I hear stories all the time about how hearing aids sit in the top dresser drawer and never see the inside of an ear. 
Apparently,  I’m like tens-of-thousands of others who aren’t convinced that my condition is “bad enough” to justify the cost (time, energy, money) of treatment.  In spite of reading persuasive articles and meeting countless professionals touting the benefits of getting treatment, I hesitate.
Are you in the same boat?  Or perhaps you were, until one day you decided it was time to address your hearing loss and look for solutions.  If that’s you, why the change?   What first steps did you take?  Did you wish you did something about it sooner?  I honestly wonder if it’s still too early to do anything about this supposed hearing loss of mine, or if I am actually in denial.

Written by, Suzanne Robbins