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Earbuds on wood grain background with captioncall logo embossed.
While out and about it’s not uncommon to see people using earbuds or headphone devices. Read more...
While out and about it’s not uncommon to see people using earbuds or headphone devices. You may even use a pair yourself, and why not? They’re great for listening to music, audiobooks, and other media when you don’t want to disturb others around you. However, listening to earbuds loudly for an excessive amount of time can cause irreversible damage to your hearing. Here are some tips to help you keep your hearing in top shape while enjoying your earbuds.
  • Follow the 60/60 rule to reduce the chance of hearing loss substantially. Keep your volume levels below 60 percent and listen for less than 60 minutes a day.
  • Use noise canceling headphones that go over your ears instead of earbuds to eliminate the need to push the volume past 50 percent. This allows you to enjoy listening at softer volume levels for longer periods of time.
  • If your earbuds don’t have a noise cancelling feature. Make sure you can hear your surroundings when wearing your earbuds. If you can’t hear your surroundings you could potentially damage your hearing due to the excessive volume.
Listening to earbuds can be fun and entertaining while taking care of tasks or simply relaxing. Remember to keep your volume levels safe, and limit your time spent wearing earbuds to ensure a pleasant listening experience.
Written by Robert (Robsta) Allen, Contributor