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Are you the outgoing type?  Do you love spending time with your family and friends. Read more...

Are you the outgoing type?  Do you love spending time with your family and friends … going out to dinner as a group, visiting with grandkids at the park, etc.?  Have you noticed a decreased desire recently to be socially engaged?  Science Daily recently reported on an interesting discovery that may have something to do with this change.  It looks like hearing loss may affect our outgoing personalities, according to the study:
‘… this is the first time a link between hearing and personality changes has been established in longitudinal studies. Surprisingly, we did not find that declining overall health and functional capacity make people less outgoing. But hearing loss directly affects the quality of social situations. If the perceived quality of social interaction goes down, it may eventually affect whether and how we relate to others,' says Anne Ingeborg Berg, PhD, licensed psychologist and researcher at the Department of Psychology, University of Gothenburg. 
Read more at https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/03/140331113849.htm.
Don’t let hearing loss decrease the quantity or quality of your social interaction. Taking steps to manage your hearing loss and to get the proper support for the use of hearing aids or assistive listening devices can help you to stay connected with those you love. CaptionCall is a strong proponent of taking action to manage your hearing loss.