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Ever had a hard time remembering where you left your keys?  Okay, that’s an issue most of us have, Read more...
Ever had a hard time remembering where you left your keys?  Okay, that’s an issue most of us have, but did you know that hearing loss can affect your mental capacity?  According to a Johns Hopkins University study, the cognitive abilities of individuals with hearing loss declined 30 to 40 percent faster than those with normal hearing over a six year period.  According to Dr. Frank Lin who orchestrated the study:
“Our results show that hearing loss should not be considered an inconsequential part of aging, because it may come with some serious long-term consequences to healthy brain functioning.”
It is startling to see how many people procrastinate getting treatment for their hearing loss.  Dr. Lin estimates that only 15 percent of those who need a hearing aid get one, leaving much of the problem and its consequences untreated.  Dr. Lin goes on to say:
“Possible explanations for the cognitive slide include the ties between hearing loss and social isolation, with loneliness being well established in previous research as a risk factor for cognitive decline. Degraded hearing may also force the brain to devote too much of its energy to processing sound, and at the expense of energy spent on memory and thinking.  There may also be some common, underlying damage that leads to both hearing and cognitive problems.”
These findings give some valid reasons and real motivation for quickly addressing any signs of hearing loss.   An annual trip to a hearing-care professional is recommended, and could help keep your mind sharp.  Maybe forgetting where you set the keys is something everyone deals with on occasion, but cognitive decline doesn’t have to be so common place. 
CaptionCall is an active advocate for people with hearing loss.  We encourage people with hearing loss to seek treatment early and to actively manage their hearing health.  Our mission is to help people with hearing loss stay socially connected for a longer, happier, healthier life!
Written by John Apgar, Marketing Coordinator