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How does CaptionCall work?

Julia on the PhoneHow does CaptionCall work?

CaptionCall works a lot like closed-caption television. It uses the most advanced voice recognition technology and a fast transcription service to display written captions of what a caller is saying on a large, easy-to-read screen. 

Will the CaptionCall phone work with my hearing aid?

The CaptionCall phone is hearing-aid compatible and works with most hearing aids.

Will I have to change my current phone service provider or plan to use CaptionCall?

CaptionCall has no impact on your current phone service provider. You can keep your current provider and plan.

Can I keep the phone number I have now?

Yes. CaptionCall works with your current phone number.

Will using CaptionCall increase my monthly phone service bill?

No. CaptionCall works automatically with your phone service provider, with no increase to your monthly bill. And because the captioning service is free and funded by the FCC, you won’t have to pay any additional monthly fees to use CaptionCall.

Does using CaptionCall impact the services I’ve selected from my phone service provider?

No. CaptionCall works seamlessly with the services you’ve selected from your provider, including call waiting, call forwarding, voice mail, and caller ID.

Can I use my CaptionCall phone for long-distance calls?

Yes. Your phone service provider’s standard long-distance charges will apply.

Can I continue to use other phones throughout my home?

Yes. CaptionCall does not affect the use or operation of other standard phones in your home.

Can I use the CaptionCall phone to call 911 in case of an emergency?

Yes, you can use the CaptionCall phone to call 911 using your telephone service, just as you would using any other home phone.  Simply pick up the receiver and dial 911 and you will be connected to emergency services.  You must still push the On button to start captions for emergency calls.  Remember, as with any other call, it may take a moment for captioning to start.