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CaptionCall - Life is Calling

Phone Features

Can I review the conversation after I hang up?

Yes, you can review call content immediately after each call. You can also use the saved conversations feature to save the captions for review at a later time.

What captioning languages are available?

Captioning is available in English and Spanish.

Can I control the handset volume on my CaptionCall phone?

Yes, you can control the handset volume on your CaptionCall phone.  Depending on your CaptionCall phone model, volume is adjusted by turning the dial on the front of the phone or using the keys under the handset.  The volume defaults to a lower setting after each call.  Use the override volume setting to permamnetly adjust the handset volume.

Can I amplify certain frequencies on my phone?

Yes, you can customize the CaptionCall phone to boost those frequencies where you have the greatest hearing loss.  While the phone is hung up, select Settings then select Amplification to get to the frequency amplification screen.

How do I add contacts to my CaptionCall phone?

Contacts are added by selecting the Contacts section.  Add contacts by using the touch screen. 


Does CaptionCall have a speaker phone?

Available on the 67T model only.  Activate the speaker phone by pushing the speaker phone button on the front of the phone. See video for details.


Can I turn captions off during a call?

Yes. Depending on your phone model you can either press the “Captions” button on the front of the phone or the "Captions Off" button accessed through the Menu screen.