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CaptionCall - Life is Calling


Difficulty hearing on the phone? CaptionCall can help.

Using the phone can be difficult and frustrating for those with hearing loss and their families. In this video, CaptionCall users describe how talking on the phone was difficult before they received a CaptionCall phone. With CaptionCall they can use the phone again with confidence.


It’s easy to get a CaptionCall phone.

CaptionCall has qualified and courteous representatives who provide free installation and training on the CaptionCall phone. In this video, CaptionCall users talk about the installation process and how the phone has provided them with a better quality of life.


CaptionCall users talk about how CaptionCall helps them stay connected.

Difficulty on the phone can isolate individuals. CaptionCall captioned telephone helps those with hearing loss stay connected. In this video, CaptionCall users talk about their experience with CaptionCall and how it has improved their phone conversations and quality of life.